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Biography[ edit ] Brazauskas was born in Rokiškis, Lithuania.

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He finished Kaišiadorys High School in and graduated from Kaunas Polytechnic Institute in with a degree in civil engineering. He later bitcoin obituaries as a Conscript sailor in the Soviet Navyserving as a Fire controlman onboard the Riga-class frigate Rosomacha until InBrazauskas received PhD in Economics.

In turn he transformed himself from a Communist Party apparatchik to a moderate reformer. He was seen as cautious by nature, and when confronted by the tide of nationalist feeling in the Soviet Union Brazauskas initially believed that the USSR might be reconstituted as a looser federation of independent, but communist, states.

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In seeing the tide of an independent democracy, he joined the reformist cause observing in that "We are realists now, and we cannot be propagating any utopian ideas.

It's no secret [that] the Communist Party has a dirty history. This was rare in that no other former Soviet republics dared to take this step.

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Some believe that this act confirmed the inevitability of the demise of the Soviet Union. Under his leadership, the majority of the Communist Party of Lithuania supported the Lithuanian independence movement, broke away from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and transformed itself into social-democratic Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania now merged into the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party.

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He then won the presidential election with 60 percent of btc qr kodas vote and was confirmed as President on 25 February He immediately suspended his membership in the Democratic Labour Bitcoin obituaries the Constitution does not allow the president to be a formal member of a political party bitcoin obituaries his tenure. He decided not to bitcoin obituaries reelection, and handed the presidency to his successor, Valdas Adamkuson 25 February Retirement[ edit ] Brazauskas bitcoin obituaries he planned to retire from politics and wanted to be "an ordinary pensioner.

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He said he would continue writing it after his second stint in government. He also said he would finish "household work" and that he likes physical work.

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Bitcoin obituaries added that "I have no estates, but the property Bitcoin obituaries own needs to be put in good order. He said "I tried to be a pensioner for several years, and I think I was successful.

I hope for success this time, as well.

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Illness and death[ edit ] Commemorative Lithuanian Post stamp Brazauskas bitcoin obituaries diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in December BBC News. Archived from the original on 28 June Retrieved 28 June

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